Kevin Adams' poetry is that of self-reflection and giving voice to the voiceless. He addresses social injustices present from his own life as well as society at large.

My Enemy, My Friend

Awakened and startled like a touch when I’m sleeping, beckoning me toward collapsing walls. I can see you even when my eyes are closed. My passenger, my companion. The hand holding the wheel, The artist holding the brush. The one tripping me when I fall.

In the parts of my mind where the light doesn’t reach. Living in corners of my only shelter. I can feel that you’ve made yourself right at home. My constant, The loyalist. The one blocking the exit, The warden jailing my trust. Waiting for my nerves to swelter.

Prideful and scared I’ve become my own worst enemy. Out to get me in full force and blind intentions. I sense the devotion of just you and I. My enemy, My friend. The one that leaves me lonely, Taught me how to pretend. You failed to poison my love.

By: Kevin Adams